Lessons in the garden..

Important lessons in the garden are that of sowing and reaping.  Whatever you sow you will reap…you just don’t know when.

If I sow positive seeds in my subconscious–thoughts of plenty and not of lack—abundance sprouts in my garden   ( ie my life).

The spiritual time continuum is not the same as time as we think of it.  God’s time is orchestrated with everything going on and weaved throughout our lives.

Timing is everything…God’s timing is everything.

Think of it as sowing and waiting…then waiting some more…..  this doesn’t mean seeds have fallen on stony ground….  for you have worked the soil, dug the ditch, added compost, peat, sand and lime…the SOIL is Rich for my seeds…my positive seeds planted…..

If my harvest is to be A SIMPLY ABUNDANT LIFESTYLE…rooted not in the world but in Spirit….I must be patient….


You are not living by human laws but by Divine laws….Eilleen Caddy

Expect miracles and see them take place….

Hold ever thought before you as Prosperity and Abundance…..and know that doing this sets forth the divine to intercede….

excerpt from Simple Abundance….Sarah ban Breathnach1391767_612110688832240_1682678963_n