Ignorance is Bliss

kikiIgnorance is Bliss…isn’t that so true?

I just had this wonderful cat ..with a  BIG PERSONALITY…show up in my life last month.

Granted, I am not a cat lady. I have had Labrador Retrievers all my life. 🙂

So, what does one do when life presents a new ‘cat” to them?  Call it bleeding heart if you will…but one takes her in and lets her have kittens in her garage.

I took her home and cared for her . I mean after all..she picked me as the ‘two -legger” with no clue what was ahead..:)


I think she’s on to something or teaching me to take life as it comes and go with it..Flow with it.


Everyone tells me it is good luck when a cat shows up randomly in your life. 🙂

She is smart and wise and so loving.

I’ll take the blessing of her gentle ways.