Memories and Joy….


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I’ve just returned from New Mexico.  I practically spent every weekend of my life in New Mexico as a child and up until age 30. It has such a relaxed vibe and such a gentleness about it. I felt at home all weekend and many of my childhood memories popped into my mind.

Our good friends had a cabin up there that we spent 30 years going to the horse races and White Sands with the dunebuggies. My childhood memories are very fond of all my parents friends’ having so much fun together…so much Happiness.

It was brought to my attention that We Choose Happiness –but we Allow Joy.

I have 3 little signs in my life coaching office that say: SMILE –LAUGH— PLAY  …

I challenge each of you to not forget how to do that…

Joy is our Soul’s Purpose….. and it’s easy to be joyful in New Mexico with its grand beauty and rivers and trees surrounding you!!