Being a Mom

violetflowersGuest Author -Alisa-San Antonio: Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 2:11 PM


Every mother knows how difficult parenting is. Yet, so many of us are so quick to evaluate another’s parenting style. Everything from thefoods we feed our kids, to the way theybehave, our discipline with techniques, the clothes we dress them in, thelanguage we use, the products we purchase and the “choice” to be a stay-at-home-mom ora working mom feel like they are constantly under the microscope. All. The.Time. It’s exhausting. What’s worse? Often times, the heat of judgment comes from other mommies.

We all want to be good parents. We all want to believe that our way is the right (and perhaps the best) way. We are all swimming along day by day giving our munchkins so much whilealso trying to hold on to our sanity and the tiny shreds of ourselves that havesurvived motherhood. It’s so easy to think negative thoughts about another parent when we see themdo something we do not agree with. We may even have good intentions when wecome up with a nice way to tell a friend of a “better” way to dosomething. Unsolicited advice is usually not well received.

Next time we have a moment when we can feel the wheels in our minds turning with negativity about a fellow mommy, let’s take it as an opportunity to look inside ourselves and try to understand instead of allowing negative thoughts about this other mommy fill our minds. There is no right wayto be a mother but there are many different ways to be a mother and to show ourchildren love. There isn’t a handbook. Our best is all we can do.